If we could sit down and have a conversation, I’d love to learn more about your life. I’d love to hear about your hopes and your dreams. But I’d also like to know what’s going on in your every days. Those times that may seem routine and mundane. I’ve discovered that it’s often in those, that God is working and growing us.

I’d like to share some of my every days with you. To listen in for a little while on the conversations that I’ve been having…with others or just within myself. Ones that revolve a whole lot around raising three boys. Ones that leave me struggling to soak up the routines. Ones with Jesus as I long to follow Him.

Here are some of those conversations that I’d love to share with you. I pray that you may find encouragement to embrace life and the love of Jesus and thank Him for the lessons learned along the way.

My blog was inspired by how we can learn from the uneventful. If you’re feeling bogged down by routine and the lackluster start here:


            September 1 One of my first posts! It all started here!

            Wash. Dry. Fold. Repeat.   Hey mama, sound familiar?

            This is the Day Enjoy each day, no matter the occasion.

Nothing brings me as much joy…or tears…or laughs…or heartaches…or laundry, as being a mom to three boys. Thank you God for these blessings…and help me. Please!


            No Question   Oh, the questions. And my lack of answers.

            Noisy Night   Yes, it’s loud around here.

            What We’ve Been Up To   Calendars, schedules, busyness, yikes.

Being a wife and a mom and a daughter and a teacher and a cook all help to define some of my roles. But my identity? Who I am? That’s rooted in Jesus.


            Perfect Pitch   Oh, imperfections, get outta the way.

            In His Eyes   Longing to be seen as His daughter.

Fear, worry, and doubt tend to get in my way. I’m fighting through with faith.

            Wing and a Prayer   When your feet leave the ground, faith is tested.

            Ice Cream Indecisiveness   I’m asking worry and anxiety to step aside.

            Don’t Hold Your Breath     Prayer…the weapon to use each day.

Thanks for reading!

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