One of my favorite times of the day comes in the moments after I call out from the kitchen, "Let's Eat!" 

We all gather around the table and share a meal. And on plenty of days, lots of laughs and conversation too.

Join us around the table with some of these simple, family-friendly, pallet-pleasing recipes.



     Avocado and Egg on Toast Creamy avocado meets breakfast standby


Breads and Muffins

     Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins Two favorites meet in one muffin

     Cinnamon Sugar Muffins Light and moist with a boost of greek yogurt

     Cheese Cracker Bread Perfect partner for your soup or salad


Side Dishes

     Sausage Apple Dressing Add some pizzazz to your traditional Thanksgiving dressing


Main Dishes

     Baked Spaghetti Easy spaghetti dish with a dash of chili powder

     Porcupine Pie Rice and ground beef meet in a super simple casserole

     Dorito Chicken Yep, kids, we're having chips for dinner

     Chicken Noodle Soup The ultimate comfort food

     Stuffed Shells Three cheeses make this pasta dish a winner

     Oven-Roasted Pork Roast Delicious, pull-apart pork


Sweets and Snacks

     Brownies-3 Ways Ideas for jazzing up brownie mix

     Banana Pudding Surprise ingredient to cool, yummy banana pudding

     Crunch Time Mix Sweet and salty snack mix




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