February 10, 2017

 Ah, mid-February. The time of year when New Year’s resolutions often fall to the wayside. Goals are dumped and expectations are lowered. No matter the time of year, we can keep on keeping on, especially if we have a plan in place and some well-placed encouragement in our lives.




In her book, “5 Habits of a Woman Who Doesn’t Quit,” Nicki Koziarz provides the motivation to spur readers on to fulfilling their obligations and staying faithful to tasks and roles. Koziarz takes readers on a journey with the Biblical character Ruth who perseveres through difficult times in life. In the book, Ruth’s journey parallels with Koziarz’s own trek of buying and running a fixer-upper farm.

Koziarz’s honesty and humility concerning her own struggles with quitting (everything from diet plans to Room Mom responsibilities) ensure that she is writing from a real-life perspective. Her transparency provides humor and practical ideas for overcoming a desire to quit.




“5 Habits” is an easy read with plenty of features to keep readers engaged and on track. Many pages include a box with a sentence or two highlighting main ideas. Each chapter ends with two sections. First, a “Make it Stick” section reiterating the chapter’s theme. Secondly, a “To Be Honest” area which offer questions and/or motivators that urge readers to challenge themselves.




Anchoring the book’s concepts are Biblical truths of faithfulness and perseverance. The habits are reinforced with Scriptures and a go-to verse guide is included at the book’s end. Readers are left with the reminder that as God is faithful, we are to strive to be. Koziarz reminds that “Momentary feelings will always try to convince us to forfeit our faithfulness.” Her habits, which include accepting assignments and following through, call for us to remain faithful when all we want to do is quit.


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