May 10, 2016


1. You find random sports equipment in odd places around the house. A football has to be removed from your pillow at night. Shin guards are beside the toothpaste on the bathroom counter.



2. A majority of statements directed to you begin with the phrase, “Hey, Mommy, watch this.”

3. Understanding that buffets are meant to be conquered. “I’m getting our money’s worth” has been declared by your child.

4. Collections abound: Pokemon cards, football cards, rocks, small toys redeemed with tickets at arcades, etc.




5. Your children are bilingual. Native language and potty talk are fluently spoken..

6. You provide answers/explanations for things like: Why do we always have to take a bath? Are you making us clean up because someone’s coming over?

7. You know that socks do not like to be held captive by the hamper. They prefer to hang out on the floor, under couch cushions, or best of all, directly in front of the hamper.


8. Browsing the make-up aisle or fingernail polish section causes your people to whine, moan, and/or sit on the floor in protest.

9. The lesson has been learned: trying on clothes equals torture for both mother and child.

10. One of the best lines to your ears: “Mommy, when I grow up, I’m going to live with you forever.” (*Disclaimer: the child must be under 10 years of age for this statement to remain adorable. Anything over and a lesson on responsibility and maturity ensues.)




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