May 3, 2016


“Don’t let me forget to go to kindergarten tomorrow,” I exclaimed as I shot up from my reclined position on the couch.


The next day, I needed to take my youngest for his kindergarten assessment. Although I’m trying to deny it with my whole being, he’ll be headed to big school in the fall. Perhaps my denial allowed the appointment to temporarily slip my mind.

It’s not that we weren’t excited. We had covered some of the wonderful things that big school offered. We had used our fingers to count the remaining months. We had implored big brothers to convey the fun bus stories they had experienced.




It’s just that the preparation starkly differed from the regimented practice that went into the two older boys’ assessment day. I hadn’t sat Walker down asking him to repeat his address and phone number twenty times a day. We hadn’t studied shapes in workbooks or practiced writing his name a skillion times.


He was ready. He had been loved on, smiled at, and reassured a ton. (He did great, by the way.) Maybe he didn’t have his phone number or address down pat just yet. He will. We’re working on it. But you know what I’m trying not to do? Stress about it. Because he’ll go to kindergarten and most likely do awesome.




As a mama, it’s tough to sometimes live in the moment. It’s difficult to not get stressed over milestones and accomplishments. Quite frankly, it’s even tough to enjoy the everyday moments, especially when they often consist of mud and messes. It’s easy to long for the next stage.


Hoping they’ll sleep through the night.


Moaning through another pack of diapers.


Trudging to get a cup of water at bedtime.


Praying they’ll start using a napkin and not their sleeve.


Wishing for calm and quiet and neat.


Trying to skip over the tough phase to make it to an “easier” one.


We’ll get there. To the next stage that is. Certainly we’ll arrive sooner than we had once hoped. We’ll look back and wish we had listened more to the little old ladies who told us it’d go by in a flash.

But in the meantime, I’m making a valiant effort to do more snuggling than studying. I’m trying to read more to him than recite. I’m longing to count more memories than numbers right now. Because what I’m learning is that he’ll get it. And I’ll help him. But time (that thing that my oldest could tell you all about at age five) passes so quickly.




After a big test, donuts are appropriate! 


Yes, the beds need to be made and the underwear washed, but somehow, we’ve gotta slow down and savor some moments. Stay in the now. Stop looking back and begrudging the past or daydreaming about the future.


Appreciate the toothless grins instead of stressing over the braces to come.


Find contentment in the house we’re living in, not the one we’re dreaming of.


Be generous with the stretched budget rather than giving when we’re comfy.


Jump in the pool with our muffin tops because waiting until they're gone leaves us sidelined.


Excel in the workplace and stop counting the days to Friday or vacation or retirement.


Serve in a place where we’re called even if it’s not a glamorous duty.


Thank God that He’s given us today. And that His grace is sufficient to get us through all our days.




What do you need to stop and savor today?


Is there a stage of life you’re longing to complete?


Let’s encourage each other to find joy in the present. In the comments, share a little life smile you’ve had from living for today.


“This is the day the LORD has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.”

                                                     Psalm 118: 24  


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