March 15, 2016


Yesterday, March 14, was Pi Day. To mathematicians, a day to celebrate. For my middle schooler, who just happens to love math, it was Pi Day and bring a pie day. His math teacher saw fit for the class to celebrate the occasion by eating pie. Not a bad deal.




As I roamed the grocery store Sunday evening, I spotted a cherry pie and chunked it into the shopping cart. In an instant, I threw out my plans for a homemade one. Blame it on a spring-forward-I need-more-sleep frame of mind.


When my middle schooler exited the bus, a pie box was in his hand. Leftovers. Good. I had wanted a piece. However, before we made it home, the pie had made its way into the floorboard of the freshly vacuumed minivan.




 (I should mention that the van gets vacuumed rarely. I mean very rarely.)


Yep. There it was. Splattered on the floor while some remnants made their way onto a lunchbox and brand new sneakers worn by an over-zealous, pie-holding preschooler.


Another helpful child attempted to pick it up in order to salvage it. Nope. Too late.




 Splat. Kerput. A sticky sweet mess.

Disappointment and frustration.

Little did the boys know that while they were in school, their daddy went to a bakery where doughnuts were being made. They were fresh and pillowy-soft. And the best part? He had picked ones out especially for them. Chocolate with sprinkles. A favorite.

A sweet, specially-made treat was waiting for them.




 We just had to get over the mess with the pie.

How many times have we gotten stuck in some seemingly sweet things? Some of them seem so good and appealing. We stay put. Settling for a packaged plan while a life specially designed by our Father awaits.

Perhaps it’s a job, a location, a ministry. We stay with it just because. How often do we linger in our current state of mind or fail to reach for goals or put dreams to rest simply because our present situations seem to be sufficient?

Let’s decide to reach beyond the areas that leave us salivating and seek His plans which always satisfy.


“Taste and see that the LORD is good. “ Psalm 34:8


What’s an area of sweetness the LORD has provided for you recently?



# Pam 2016-03-15 22:48
Oh this m[censored] me bawl! So good!
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# Hope 2016-03-16 20:57
I should be sharing a box of tissues with Pam! God has really given you great Insight! Thanks for sharing!
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