January 26, 2016


“I just don’t know what to say.”


We’ve all been there, right? We get in situations and conversations when the words, especially the appropriate ones, just can’t seem to be found.


I’ve been there. Perhaps I’m still there. Call it writer’s block. Blame busyness. Cite all the distractions. Whatever the cause, I’ve taken an unplanned, unintentional break from writing for the blog.






And I’m not happy about it. Oh yes, the holidays took their expected toll on my time for writing. However, an ease off the gas turned into a screeching halt.


Staring at a blank screen yielded no results. Going over past notes and ideas: zero return. The mental conversation running in my head for the past month or so began with “I just don’t know what to say,” and evolved into “Maybe I have nothing left to say.” Final destination: frustration. And an internal hissy fit over what in the world to say.





The latest round of my struggle came to an end last week as I walked away from another empty Word document and drove away to work. I continued the conversation with myself and offered up a prayer for clarity. “I just don’t know what to say,” I repeated.


By the time I arrived at the next red light, my answer blared out from the radio,

            “When you don’t know what to say,

            Just say Jesus…”


Well, yup. There’s the answer. Loud and clear.





And truth be told, it wasn’t merely the answer I had been seeking about the blog and my writing. It was the nudging I needed for my life as a whole. You see, the busyness, the distractions, my attitude. Those weren’t just creating a writer’s block. They were limiting my time and fellowship with Jesus. Therefore, life’s rhythms were out of sync.


When the distance feels real, just say, "Jesus."

When gratitude is due, just say, "Thank You."

When sorrow overcomes, just say, "Help."

When rejoicing floods, just say, "Praise Him."

When the prodigal returns, just say, "Welcome me."

At a loss for what to say, just say, "Jesus."



Take time today to pause and listen to what Jesus has to say to you.



**Song lyrics from 7eventh Time Down’s “Just Say Jesus”


# Virginia Sigmon 2016-01-27 12:51
Thank You for light where seemed darkness;prayers for questions I don't u[censored]rstand! And the blessed gift of His Grace to press on to His calling !!
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