December 2, 2015


I knew as soon as we did the exercise in Bible study, I would need to affix the Scripture in my memory. It would become a go-to.


And sure enough, a few weeks after plastering the verse on my hands, it came back to me. “For not all have faith, but the LORD is faithful.” (2 Thessalonians 3:2)


Packing lunches and finding socks and gathering raincoats was disrupted by my own questioning and replaying and grumbling. One of those mornings when I needed to shove away my own ramblings and replace them with the truth.


So I went back to the ink and the promise that I had written on my hands.




“For not all have faith, but the LORD is faithful.”


I thought it. And then I just said it. Over and over as I continued the process of getting myself and a five year old out the door. He followed and listened and filled in the blanks when I purposely left out words for him to chime in.




We made it to the back door with shoes on and keys in hand when I offered one more time, “For not all have faith, but Walker, the LORD…”


“But the LORD has faithful,” he answered.


Outwardly, I froze.


The LORD has faithful.


Inwardly, I cried out. Oh, LORD, find me faithful. Let me be one of those You find to be faithful.


I am flawed. I am a mess. I can’t even make it out the backdoor some mornings before the grumbling begins. But when all else is stripped away…the rough edges, the critical spirit, the harsh words. LORD, find me faithful.




You, LORD, are faithful. And good. You have penned my name in Your book. You have gathered my tears. Your Hand has outstretched to protect me.


LORD, have me as one of Your faithful ones.


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