November 30, 2015


We gathered around the table and opened our little informal meeting with a bit of a formality. “Thanks for coming” we greeted. And then we dove into the heart of the matter.


give thanks


Yes, scenes often open with thanks.


“Thanks for calling” the voicemail recordings recite.


“Thank you,” we mouth to the stranger who holds the door for our entrance.


“Thank you for your attention,” we offer in emails and letters.


The thank you’s come first. They open the way and clear the path to what’s ahead. The gratefulness sets the tone.




How appropriate that we open the holiday season with Thanksgiving. The offering of thanks to prepare our hearts and heads for the joyous expectation.


As we travel through December, in search of the twenty-fifth, may we keep the end of November with us. And finish the season the way we began. Hearts filled with thanksgiving ushering Him in.




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