November 17, 2015


Is it me or does a five year old sound a whole lot older than a four year old? Maybe it’s because a four year old is just emerging from the toddler years and a five year old is on the cusp of…well, let me whisper it…kindergarten.


As of yesterday, my baby decided to make the big leap from four to five with a birthday.




While I’m happy to linger in these early years for a while, Walker is already thinking about way down the road.


“Do I have to grow a beard? I don’t want to grow a beard.”


“When I’m a grownup, will I still be able to talk like Daffy Duck and my other languages?”


I suppose those questions will have to wait to be answered. In the meantime, he has plenty of others for us to attempt to answer.




“Does anybody wish they had a volcano in their yard?”


“Are there video games in heaven?”


“Can ants swim?”


“If there was a hippo in your bedroom, would you sell the house?”


Thinking and talking. Two of Walker’s specialties. Trying to answer his questions. Sometimes a struggle for me.




While taking in this whole becoming a big boy thing, I’ve found myself asking some of my own questions.


“Can this child be any cuter?”


“What exactly is he thinking?”


“How many more statements will he have to declare at bedtime?”


“How did I ever deserve such an amazing child?”


Deserving really has nothing to do with it. He, along with his brothers, are a gift.


No question about it.




"Children are a gift from the LORD." Psalm 127:3


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