November 5, 2015


We’ve kinda been in the dark around here this week. And it’s not just the daylight savings time change. Although the premature darkness hasn’t helped the situation.


No, we’ve lost a light.


The light fixture in the older boys’ room suffered one final blow and came down beyond repair. Too many run-ins with footballs, shirts being tossed in the hamper, and swinging light sabers.





We had all gotten used to the clanging and clinking noise it made when the light fixture separated from the ceiling fan. Each time, our resident handy man repaired the situation and light was restored.


Not this time.


And yet we’ve made do while waiting for a new fixture to be found, in stock, and in the correct size. These things take time and often, a few trips to the store for exchanges.


Some nights, I’ve likened the room’s atmosphere to the Ingalls’ house from Little House on the Prairie. Thankfully, though, ours was enhanced with electricity and battery-powered devices. A lamp from the living room made its way into the boys’ room. Flashlights were gathered for bedtime reading.




Ever feel like that fixture? Dealing with daily bumps and hits. The busyness of schedules. The bills in the mailbox. The ignored phone calls. All come together to leave you hanging by a thread. Wondering how your light can keep shining. We feel all banged and bruised and put out by life.


How can we be a light to the world, when our own feels like it's going out?


We don't have the words for a needy soul. Offer a smile.


We don't have the energy to shout His praises. Whisper, "Abba Father."


We can't gather eloquent words to form lengthy prayers. Bow a knee and listen.


We can't take in one more news report. The ones being broadcast on TV, online, or within our own circles.  Recall times He has been faithful.


The way ahead seems dark. Remember He is the Light of the World.




Don't just sit there in the dark. Go get a lamp from the living room. Open the Living Word. Hoard up flashlights in your bed. Hide His Word in your heart. Scrounge to find some candles. Turn on the hallway light. Open the blinds. Do something while you wait. Your light isn't out. 


Flickering? For the moment. Out? Not a chance. 


Feeling in the dark? Shine on. Click here to read more about being a light.



# Virginia Garrison 2015-11-06 17:38
Love this,[censored]nise!
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# Denise 2015-11-06 22:22
Thank you!
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# Hope 2015-11-07 11:56
This really touched! How often do we feel like this!!! With tears in my eyes, THANK YOU!
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