October 27, 2015


It was nearly midnight when the game ended. But as the clock struck 12, nothing changed back to a pumpkin in this little fairy tale. Panthers 27. Eagles 16. Our team’s record shined across the screen. 6 and 0 baby. Wrapped up our weekend of competition with a win.


Watching the late night game provided more tension, but not nearly as much fun as the game we all had conducted in the backyard earlier in the day.




Boys against Mommy and Daddy.


Blame it on my flip flops or my receiver. I’ll use either excuse. But don’t blame it on my skills as a quarterback. Never mind the laughter from my children. The old folks weren’t the ones celebrating in the end zone. But watching the ones who were? I’ll take that any day over a victory in the points.


Points were what was lacking in my son’s soccer game on Saturday morning. I mean, not points for the other team. They seemed to have plenty of those. But for my fella’s team? Their goals of determination and hard work weren’t written on a score pad, but surely weighed more heavily on the scale of importance.





And really, when it comes down to it, the points and the touchdowns and the goals scored, are those the things that matter? Can’t they be just as easily erased from the books as they were put in them? Won’t they be outscored or broken next season anyway?


Speaking of being outscored…Chris and I participated in an “Amazing Race” competition with other married couples from church Saturday night. After signing up, he tried to get me to shake hands in agreement that I wouldn’t be critical of his driving skills or ahem, challenges of following directions. I giggled thinking about the scene later in the week when he labeled me as “competitive.” Really?


Anyway, we went into the race fully prepared to win the thing. I mean, we have watched a number of seasons of the TV show. That was training enough, right?


Well, long story short, we didn’t win. In fact, we weren’t even close.


Sushi eating, piggy-back riding, slurpee gulping, geo-caching, and gas pumping did not result in a victory for us. Well, not a championship rewarded by a medal and prizes.




But winning? I think we did.


The brain freeze Chris got? Probably won’t be topped anytime soon.


The screeching sound of tires? Yeah, he drove better than ever before.


The hilarity of the guy who started videoing us because he thought we were on the real show? A memory that will last a long time!




Sure, we wanted to finish well. Don’t we all? But it’s not only about the finish line.


That football game we watched? We’ll remember the high fives and the interception-inducing jabs more so than we’ll remember the final score. (Okay, Chris will remember the final score, but I won’t.)


The backyard game we played? I’m quite certain that my boys will be able to recount their mama attempting to be an MVP more so than they will the play that got them into the end zone.


That crushing soccer game? Here’s hoping our hugs and back pats will outlive what the ref wrote down on the game card.


The amazing race? Well, I’m going to remember it not for how we finished it, but how we ran it. Together. And running together, that’s a win in my book.



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