October 12, 2015


This is the current status of my kitchen table.




Plastic tablecloths. Paint. Pallet signs.


My hubby makes custom pallet signs and he’s gearing up for a festival later this week. He does all of the difficult work. The cutting. The sanding. The detailed painting.


I get to do the easy part. The background painting. No perfection required and so I’m basically excelling in that area. I’m also excelling at finding more project ideas for him to make.


He loves me for that.


Funny how the girl who can see the big picture and the guy who has an eye for detail make life work together. Perfection, no. Jagged edges, yes. An artful creation nonetheless.


Something akin to those pallet pieces. Broken, nailed together. Paint from a hodgepodge collection of bottles and cans from home renovations and school projects. Lots of edges to be sanded.


A unique piece of creation. Artwork.



Part of what holds us together in marriage is my husband's ability to hold his tongue. Not my strongsuit. Read more at "A Reply."



# Hope 2015-10-13 22:37
Great picture of you two!!!! You really do work well together! You guys are such a good example to others & more importantly to your boys!!!!! I love you!!!!
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