October 10, 2015


We kicked off our weekend with a rain-soaked soccer game. All the parents sat huddled under umbrellas and hoods while we watched our kids, seemingly oblivious to the weather, play their game. They played with an energy that ignored the wet fields, slippery cleats, and dripping hair. Of course, the conditions couldn't hold back this mama either when my guy scored two goals.




When was the last time in life that we went after something in life with gusto? Despite the rain. Despite the conditions.

          Click here for a reminder to go after the important things with gusto.



Excitement was the last emotion I was feeling earlier in the week when my trusty minivan left me stranded.  No worries though.

          Click here to see how God had all of the details worked out ahead of the situation.



It did bring me happiness this past week to share a little about a special family friend, Hope.

          Click here to read how Hope lives up to her name by helping and encouraging others.



Thanks to those of you who have been an enouragement to me as I write this blog. Your words to me mean so much!


                                                                                                       Love, (even when the lid is up)




PS- I've heard some great reviews of the Crockpot Doritos Chicken recipe. Give it a try!







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