October 5, 2015


Call it determination. Call it willpower. Call it crazy. Whatever works for you. Just know that with some planning and gusto, you too can accomplish great things. We did yesterday.


The minivan exited the church parking lot at 12:28. We made the 15 minute trek home through blustery winds. (I’m not just adding that for effect; it really was windy.)


On the drive home, we developed a plan. Go in. Get prepared.


The van doors opened and out spilled two parents and three boys who gathered Bibles, notebooks, Sunday School papers, and a pocketbook.


The five of us leapt into the backdoor and commenced with the game plan.


Within minutes, the mission was complete. The soup was warmed and the bread toasted. Church clothes were exchanged for comfy ones. We all found our assigned seats. Somehow in the flurry of activity, even a mattress made its way into the living room.




All in time for the Panthers football game. One o’clock game time.


Looking back on the scene, I laughed.


And then I thought…what if we approached other things with such gusto and determination?


Perhaps my disdain for Mondays could be altered if I attempted to look forward to the day’s events, rather than facing it with dread. Have a little pep talk in the kitchen before heading out to face the world. School, work, life.


“Okay, kids, huddle up. We can do this.”


Or really, when was the last time we approached the things that surely matter with enthusiasm and contagious excitement? When was the last time we made a game plan for studying the Word? Or developed a strategy for our prayer lives?


When was the last time our hearts cried out to get all pumped up and prepared for what He has in store?


Oh God, give us a gusto for your Ways. Let us be determined to follow You.



# cindy 2015-10-06 08:19
Nice story-telling. I can visualize everything. I wo[censored]r who dragged the mattress into the living room? So funny.
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# Denise 2015-10-11 22:38
Wish you had been here with us!!!
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# Hope 2015-10-06 21:51
I ne[censored]d this! God is sure using you & your insight!
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# Denise 2015-10-11 22:39
Love when He's reminding us of the same things.
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