September 28, 2015


Maybe it was the rain.


Or the clouds. The lack of sunshine.


Or the frizziness of my hair because of the rain.


Yep, that’s what it was. Wild hair.


Or just plain wildness.


The energy of the day piled itself on top of sugar consumption and mud caked shoes until it all just spilled out.


It turned into one of those evenings when mama had to say things like,


            “Don’t jump on the couch.”


            “Don’t hit your brother with the giant bouncy ball.”


            “The football doesn’t belong in the dining room. Or the kitchen.”


            “No one is playing Gladiators right now.”


The energy/chaos/fun came to an end during lunch packing time when a chase ensued by one wielding a plastic bow and arrow, one flailing a nerf gun, and one with legs of lightning. A pre-packaged cupcake hit the ground and one of the chasers hit the ground after knocking his noggin on the mantle.




Tempted to yell, “Bedtime!” and end it all, we stopped. We plopped on the floor and opened the Word.


Yes, the giggles and ice pack came along.


No, they probably won’t remember the words read from the devotional and maybe not even the verses. But we prayed for each other and asked God to heal our friend with an injury, for help remembering the things we need for school, and for courage and boldness when we want to shy away.


And deep down, an exhausted mommy and daddy thanked God that He’s still there when the arrows are zooming past and the lunchbox treats are squished. He hears us in spite of the noise and chaos. And He loves us with a love big enough to cover it all.






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