September 24, 2015 


“You really can make a sausage biscuit, Mommy.” Emphasis on really. I had to laugh because I had baked canned biscuits and fried sausage patties. And yet, to a hungry four year old, it was practically gourmet.


Funny how sometimes it’s the simple things that can taste the best.


Or mean the most.


A smile. A short hand-in-hand walk. A gathering around the table for a board game. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich.


Simple things. But ones that can make a day.




On nights when we have chicken for supper, my boys often request that Daddy make them chicken dip. Last week as they dipped and gobbled, they insisted that I include the recipe on the blog.


“Well, guys,” I told them, “It’s not really a recipe.”


But after much persistence and their glowing reviews, here goes…


Stir Texas Pete Buffalo Wing Sauce into ranch dressing. Add more sauce if you like it spicy. Spicy Ranch. Easy Peasy.




Because, after all, some of the best things in life…and at the table…are the simple things.


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