September 10, 2015 


He sat in the dentist’s chair and answered some of the typical questions, “Are you ready for school to start?” “What did you do fun this summer?” I knew the answer to the first, “Yes.” I listened to hear what highlight he would choose from the summer.


“We went camping.”


Well….not exactly.


We actually stayed in a three bedroom house, with a full kitchen, air conditioning, and the essential bathrooms. But it was covered with wood siding to make it look like a cabin and it was absolutely in the middle of nowhere.


Close enough, right?


We did build campfires. After all, what’s “camping” without s’mores?


One night, along with our chocolate and graham crackers, we took along glow sticks and leftover July 4th sparklers. We donned our glowing necklaces and bracelets while we roasted our marshmallows. The boys danced around the fire, swirling the sparklers and writing their names against the dark sky.


The fire’s flames burned hot and steady and the sparklers shimmered and entertained. All the while, the colors from the glow sticks would not fade.


All three sources, though very different, provided the same thing: light.


Light to shine in the darkness.



I’ve sat in the dentist’s chair before too. In fact, I’ve sat in many places: offices, church pews, my own recliner and been asked some of the same questions, “What do you do?” “What’s happening in your world right now?”


While at times, I’ve desired to answer that I’m a roaring fire, the reality is that often I feel like a glow stick faintly shining.


I am called to be light. While it may seem that the importance or realm of my light isn’t glaring, I am still called to shine.


That light may not shine from a stage, but from a small corner of the world.


We sometimes get caught up in titles and resumes and neglect the importance of the work we’re doing in the not-so glaring moments. The everydays.


Maybe you’re a flickering candle longing to create the brightness of a beacon. Take heart. No matter the size or the glow, shine your light. You are breaking through the darkness.


Shine on.


Whether you’re a camper or a wannabe, ignite your campfire.


Whether you’re a stay at home mom or a corporate giant, let your light shine.


Whether you’re a voice booming to thousands or a whisper to the lonely, hold out your flame.


Even the smallest light can penetrate the darkness.




“Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.”        

                                                                Matthew 5:16



# Pam 2015-09-10 21:59
Ooooooh!!!! This is my favorite so far!! Thank you! I have been struggling to find my light!!!
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# Denise 2015-09-11 09:38
A major way you shine is through your encouragement to others!
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