September 3, 2015 


The sky was absolutely beautiful. The perfect way everything looks right before sunset. Calming hues of blue painted across the backdrop. Clouds hung just low enough to seemingly cover the bulk of the bright glowing sun which was peeking out and sending up streaks of orange and pink. A-Jesus-is-coming-back kind of a sky. You know what I’m talking about, you can almost hear the trumpets.

While the trumpets did not sound that evening, my radio blared.

“Forever He is glorified

Forever He is lifted high

Forever He is risen

He is alive, He is alive.”

I sang out at the top of my lungs. I stared at the sky and was filled with awe and adoration for God and his creation. Worship.



Um, well, until it was all interrupted. I suppose it was the key the song was in or a tickle in my throat.

Okay, it was actually just my singing. It was bad. Really bad. So terrible that it shattered the moment. The verse about making a joyful “noise” to the Lord was awkwardly appropriate. I actually commented aloud to myself how horrible I sounded.

And yet, despite my abilities, my imperfection, the creation still deserved awe. The Creator was still on the throne and to be adored.

As much as I longed for my worship to be a beautiful sound, it still remained an offering. An offering not poured out by perfect pitch, but by a daughter of the King whose cup ran over.

Too often I allow my own imperfections to get in the way of my worship or service. Or even my calling in life. What if I fail? What if others don’t look at me the same? What if I’m just not good enough?

God isn’t seeking perfection. He has that covered.

He is seeking willingness. He is seeking worship. He is seeking you. Pitch perfect or not.

*Lyrics from the song “Forever” by Kari Jobe. It’s my current favorite song and she can sing it way better than I can.


He is seeking you. Are you seeking Him? Read more about being found faithful.


# Hope 2015-09-05 09:14
We started our day with you!!! Glenn had not read the first ones yet. After reading Perfect Pitch with tears in his eyes, he said "One of my girls"
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# Denise 2015-09-05 19:16
Ah, thanks. Love you both!
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