July 3, 2017 


Am I the only one who is not in the mood to cook? I’m guessing it’s summer and the heat. Or maybe a serious lack of a schedule. Whatever it is has me completely over the idea of planning a meal, much less fixing it. Give me a sandwich or a salad every night until September and I’ll be happy.

But these kids and the hubby. They like to eat. And one of their favorite kinds of meals is a build-your-own-type. So I’m sharing one their most requested meals…Nacho Ordinary Nachos. (Okay, I just made up that name.)



This doesn't qualify as a recipe, it's simply a little inspiration when you are fresh out of ideas.

Gather the ingredients and let everyone concoct their own creation.






 Here’s what we typically have:

            *Tortilla Chips (the only non-optional ingredient)

            *Steak, cooked (I try to buy the thinnest cut possible.)                           

            *Cheese Dip

            *Cheddar or Monterey Jack cheese, shredded

              (Yes, you can have cheesed dip AND shredded cheese

              in the same dish.)   

             *Sour cream

             *Lettuce and tomato (I’ve listed these together because if your

                   children are like mine, they will skip both. You may only need a little 

                   for yourself.)

            *Mushrooms, sliced and sautéed

            *Onions, chopped and sautéed

            *Guacamole and/or avocado (Get both if you have an avocado lover in

                    your house.







Grilled chicken or ground beef are great substitutes for the steak. You could skip the meat altogether and use black beans.

If you’re feeling ambitious, serve some grilled corn on the side. (I like to cut mine off the cob and put it on my nachos.) If not, move on without it. Salsa counts as a vegetable during the summer!





Build your meal and crunch away. Enjoy the extra time you’ve gained from prepping a simple supper!



What's your go-to simple meal? Share with us! We could all use a little inspiration.



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